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Our Home Upkeep Concierge is the complete solution for your home upkeep. When it comes to home maintenance, experts recommend investing 1% of your home value in maintenance every year to ensure that your home remains in its top shape. This will also help your property's resale value in the years to come.

At Home Upkeep, we invest our time in taking care of your home maintenance needs so that you can continue spending your time on things that bring the most value to you, whether it be work or pleasure. Our concierge program is completely customizable to fit your every need ranging from inspections to general maintenance and handyman services.

Our Approach - Home Upkeep Made Easy

The Home Upkeep Concierge Program is a customizable solution that’s designed to save you time and energy. Our local team of experts will ensure that every small to large detail of home maintenance is completely done for you, so you don’t have to. We understand luxury and we strive to provide a service that is top of the line satisfactory.


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Roxboro, Calgary
Earlton, Calgary
Mount Royal
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At Home Upkeep, we are founders who care about the impact that we make on our clients and the team of good and hardworking people that we build. Based out of Calgary, Upkeep has quickly become the choice of Calgarians for home maintenance and elite concierge service. We believe to be only as good as the last home that we visited. This means that we continue to strive for excellence to provide the highest value to you so that we don't only create a culture of happy clients, but also a top knotch service that you can rave to your friends and family about. We thank you for choosing to support our local business.


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